Monday, September 30, 2013

Error while opening r12 sales order form. EOERR: ORA-4062 "timestamp/signature


EOERR: ORA-4062 "timestamp/signature


We have to compiled particular form using adadmin in database.

Check below Oracle Support Note for more details.

OERR: ORA-4062 "timestamp/signature of %s has been changed" (Doc ID 19851.1)

Error:  ORA-4062
Text:   timestamp/signature of %s has been changed
Cause:  Attempt to execute a stored procedure to serve
        an RPC stub which specifies a timestamp/signature that is different 
        from the current timestamp/signature of the procedure.
Action: Recompile the caller in order to pick up the new timestamp/signature.

*** Important: The notes below are for experienced users - See Note:22080.1
Note: Simply re-executing the procedure that calls the remote one will cause
      it to be re-compiled.

      Note also that this error is only returned when calling remote procedures.
      The way to avoid it as far as possible is to only ever call remote
      *packaged* procedures, whose body may be re-built without affecting the
      timestamp (stored in the specification).

      It is also advisable to set <Parameter:REMOTE_DEPENDENCIES_MODE> to
      SIGNATURE on releases supporting this.



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