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Adding, Deleting, Disabling Secondary Ledgers

Adding Secondary Ledgers

Add secondary ledgers to accounting setups at any time in the Accounting Options page.

If you add a balance level secondary ledger that uses a different currency from the primary ledger, a balance level reporting currency is generated for the primary ledger unless one already exists. This balance level reporting currency maintains the primary ledger's translated balances and is the source representation for the secondary ledger. In other words, when using GL Consolidation to transfer balances to the secondary ledger, transfer the balances from the source representation, the balance level reporting currency.


The ledger options for the primary ledger must be completely defined.

To add secondary ledgers:

1.       Open the Accounting Options page.

2.       Select Add Secondary Ledger. This button will only appear after the ledger options for the primary ledger have a complete status.

3.       Enter all relevant fields.

The table above describes the selected fields in the Add Secondary Ledger page.

Note: After adding a secondary ledger, complete the Ledger Options step and the Primary to Secondary Ledger Mapping step to enable the secondary ledger for data entry.

Deleting Secondary Ledgers

You can only delete secondary ledgers before the accounting setup is complete. After the accounting setup is complete, you can disable the conversion of secondary ledgers. This prevents any journals that are entered in the primary ledger or source representation from being transferred to the secondary ledger.

Deleting a secondary ledger removes the ledger and all of its setup steps.

To delete secondary ledgers:

1.       Navigate to the Accounting Options page.

2.       Find the secondary ledger to delete and click the Remove Secondary Ledger icon.

Disabling the Conversion of Secondary Ledgers

Once you disable the conversion of secondary ledgers, it immediately prevents the propagation of journals from the primary ledger to the secondary ledger.

The disabled secondary ledger is still available for historical reporting and manual journal entries.

i). Balance level secondary ledgers cannot be disabled. To stop transferring balances from the source representation (primary ledger or balance level reporting currency) to the balances level secondary ledger, stop running consolidations.
ii). Adjustments only secondary ledgers cannot be disabled because journals are not automatically transferred to this secondary ledger.

To disable the conversion of secondary ledgers:

1.       Open the Accounting Options page.

2.       In the Secondary Ledgers region, select the Disable Conversion icon for the secondary ledger to be disabled.
Note: Once the conversion of a secondary ledger is disabled, the status of the secondary ledger is changed to Disabled.


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