Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Oracle Applications Release 12 Form Terminology

Form Terminology

Oracle Applications Release 12 works specifically in a Web-enabled environment. It is important to understand the terminology of the components within an Oracle Applications form. Common terms used in Oracle Applications forms are listed below:

Menu Bar: Use pull-down menus from this menu bar to navigate or perform actions within a form.

Window: It is an area where the user interacts with an application. (Many windows can be open at one time and you can access these “overlapping” windows to perform data entry or data search activities.)

Window title: It is the text in the title bar that indicates the name of the window and usually gives context information pertinent to the information in that window.

MDI window: It is a master container window that houses all windows, toolbars, and application windows.

Tool tip: It is an iconic bubble help that you can use to determine the function of a button on the toolbar.

Record or row: It is a set of one or more related data items from a table or view that are grouped for processing.

Check box: It is a box in which you can toggle between an “on/off” or “yes/no” state for a particular value.

LOV icon: It is an icon that you can click to display a list of values (LOV) for the current field.

Pop-up list: A pop-up list lets you select a single value from a short list.

Scrolling region: It is a region containing a scroll bar, in which to view other fields.
                   Block: It is an area of information relative to a specific business function  or entity.

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