Monday, December 2, 2013

General Ledger Journal Creation Methods

                     - Manual Journal Entries

- Organization Need: Create adjusting journal.

- Procedure: Enter debits, credits, and accruals manually.

- Reversing Entries

- Organization Need: Reverse errors and revaluation journals.

- Procedure: Reverse the journal encumbrance and  accrual  amounts of a preexisting journal entry.

- Recurring Entries

- Organization Need: Create journals using fixed variable amounts and complex formulas. Create multiple journal entries with the same or similar information.

- Procedure: Create journals using skeleton, standard, or formula template.

- MassAllocations

- Organization Need: Allocate from one account to many by using a single formula.

- Procedure: Calculate journals by using an allocation formula.

- Journal Import

- Organization Need: Integrate Oracle General Ledger with other applications.

- Procedure: Import journal entry information from feeder systems.

- Journal Wizard

- Organization Need: Integrate Oracle General Ledger with an Excel spreadsheet for journal creation.

- Procedure: Upload journal entries from an Excel spreadsheet.


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