Saturday, December 7, 2013

Use of Menu and Function Security to Modify Responsibilities in Oracle EBS R12

Importance of Responsibilities
Each application user is assigned at least one responsibility. A responsibility determines whether the user accesses Oracle Applications, Self-Service Web Applications, or Mobile Applications. In addition, a responsibility determines the application functions that a user can use, the reports and concurrent programs that the user can run, and the data that those reports and concurrent programs can access.

Components of a Responsibility
Required Components
      Data group: A data group specifies the Oracle Application database accounts to which a responsibility’s forms and concurrent programs connect.
    Menu: A menu specifies the forms that a responsibility can display and the functions it can access.
Optional Components
      Request group: A request group lists the concurrent programs that a responsibility can run. When a request group is assigned to a responsibility, it is referred to as a request security group. You can limit the list of reports available (providing only a subset) to a group of users by creating a request group and assigning it to a responsibility. Request groups can include:
-       All the reports and concurrent programs that a user can run
-       Individual concurrent requests
-       Request sets
-       Stage functions
Exclusions: Exclusions modify a responsibility’s access to the forms and functions specified by a menu.

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